Here’s a quick update where things are at…

We got our loan approval finally! It took having a great team at the bank (Wells Fargo) we are getting funded through and being quick with the paperwork. Going to owe these guys beers for sure, they were a huge help! We should be fully funded and starting on construction in 3-5 weeks. Don’t worry, our beer won’t miss a beat though.

We end our license relationship with Oak Cliff Brewing with our Trustfund Baby Strawberry Milkshake IPA, which should hit bars in the next few weeks, keep an eye out!

We are currently looking to continue brewing our beer with other breweries until we can get up and running fully, so be on the lookout for new beers! – Edit 5/13: We decided to focus on opening our spot up and after Trustfund Baby, there may be a gap in beers in market from us.

We even have collaborations on deck, we did a Single Hop Idaho 7 NEIPA with Intrinsic and Oak Cliff Brewing that should be out at the end of May. We also have something in the works with Celestial Beer Works, TBD.

We are working on a new stemless full colored glass and will do a limited run of 48, so stay tuned for the design!

Opening False Idol Brewing has been a journey that is far from over and has been rewarding for every amount of work we’ve put in. We can’t wait to be fully open and able to service the market like we want!