More Updates!

April 9, 2019by FalseIdolBrewing

Well, we’ve got great updates compared to the last post, which was a lot more negative.

We launched our first beer in market, Side Hustlin’ New England IPA, thanks to our friends at Oak Cliff Brewing! It hit 20+ accounts in the first week it was released and has been getting great reviews! We are excited for all of this, but this is just the beginning. Our next beer coming out will be Trustfund Baby Strawberry Milkshake IPA, it should be at the same bars as Side Hustlin’ and will be a whopping 8.2%! Check out our art for the beer and let us know what you think.

Trustfund Baby Strawberry Milkshake IPA

Another update, we finally got city SUP approval, we have our TTB approval and plan to apply for TABC approval in the next week. Also, we transported our brewhouse and tanks last Friday, so we have those as well. Things are a lot closer to the reality of a functioning brewery finally. There are some minor things we have to worry about knocking out, but a month ago the future was quite hazy.

Brewhouse & Tanks

Another update on the bank loan front is that we were paired with a few awesome people who were working night and day to help us put together a loan package, 3 to be exact. Our friends at Wells Fargo made the process enjoyable compared to our run ins with banks since October and the future is looking bright. We should hopefully be fully funded by June and we can finally get to it and get the place functioning for guests to come enjoy False Idol Beers!

If you read this before Sunday, April 14th…Head to Luck from 12-5 and you may or may not be able to try our Train to Valhalla English Barleywine, Side Hustlin’ NEIPA, and Bad Grandmas Blonde Ale. Also, we have a few of our Stemless glasses and will typically be stocked up on the stemmed white font wolf glasses as well. We intend to do a new batch of stemless when the old ones run out though. Feel free to check out the online shop or just email me at and I can take care of you through a paypal transfer.

Check out our Untappd rating, if you use Untappd and haven’t checked it in, go go go!

Well, things are coming along. We are pumped for what’s coming, Cheers everybody!