DFW Craft Brewery

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False Idol Brewing – A DFW Craft Brewery

False Idol Brewing was established as an idea in 2014 after our founder realized a career change was in order. It was then established as an official brand in 2018 and then began our journey of growth and connection. We hit the ground running and began spreading the word of what was to come. We then had our first beers released to consumers in 2019 and had major success, the market couldn’t get enough. In 2020 we finally opened our brick and mortar as a DFW Craft Brewery in North Richland Hills, TX off of Maplewood & 26.

Our vision for the brand has been to provide a great experience and consistent & quality beer to our consumers regardless of where you are from. The name represents what the extreme beer nerds look at beer as, a False Idol. We feel there is room for it, but balance is good in life.

Our logo was influenced from Norse Mythology, Geri & Freki, they were Odin’s wolves and represented Greed & Lust, which went hand in hand with our meaning behind the name False Idol.

Our wolf logo was born and then came our mascots. The family brewery dogs were adopted after the brand began and paired perfectly with our branding. We then decided that we wouldn’t stop there and we have had a handful of awesome Husky mascot partners over time! #wolfsighting

We plan to provide a variety of of great and consistent beers for you all!

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our contact page or directly on our social media pages.