What’s Brewing?

January 26, 2019by FalseIdolBrewing

We knew that starting a brewery wasn’t easy, but we didn’t know all of the battles we would have to take on. We had the luxury of seeing many friends open, and close, breweries around us and listened and learned. Everything is so much different experiencing it yourself.

So here’s an update on everything for us:

1. We have a signed lease at 7924 Maplewood Ave, North Richland Hills, TX. It’s an old auto shop that has a lot of potential to be a great spot for our brewpub. The large amount of parking gets us excited about fun events down the road, like a beer festival of some sort.

2. We should be meeting with NRH City Council in Feburary/March to discuss our SUP, so that we can open the business type at the location. This should be seamless, the city of NRH has been really helpful and supportive with the whole process.

3. We still await TTB approval, but submitted it in November, so any day now..unfortunately the government is shut down and that pushes things back a bit. After we finish this, we can pursue TABC approval for the state of Texas.

4. We do have beer brewing, we are working on a few recipes. Our first batch of beer will be a NEIPA. Why a New England IPA? It’s the hottest style out right now and although we won’t dedicate everything to this style alone, we do want to be able to dial this in and make sure we are churning out a good rotation of IPA’s in general. The name of it will be Side Hustle NEIPA, look for it coming in March/April! Feel like you have a good idea for a beer name? Shoot us a message on our social media pages or email dominique@falseidolbrew.com and we will see if it’s worthy!

5. We have a ton of merchandise for sale, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out in our Online Shop

6. The biggest issue of them all that we are currently dealing with, is something we didn’t think was going to be all that time consuming, but it has and is still ongoing, the bank loan. Now the way these typically work is you put in your own equity and the bank is even guaranteed by the SBA 90% of the loans they shell out to small businesses. Some of these banks require 30-40% of equity invested by the borrowing business though. These conversations are ongoing and will continue to happen until we get as much as we need to successfully open this business. We don’t want to half ass it, but we aren’t trying to create a Taj Mahal either. Stay tuned for what we may do in response to this…

7. We are shooting for an August 2019 open, so stay tuned on social media and here for updates! We hope to have more positive progress in the coming months.