October 21, 2019by FalseIdolBrewing

We finally knocked out the introductory parts of getting a business started, still a ton of complaints on my end, but both are to be expected in starting a business.

1. Bank Loan – We secured our SBA loan with Wells Fargo in August after working hard to knock it out since March. This process sucked and after all of our efforts to help build our brand, it actually hurt us, in regards to the bank. Basically they said that our working capital we were requesting was used up in previous activity, although we needed it from construction time to opening. Yeah…sounds like a genius idea on their end. Oh well, we started construction and we are closer to the realization of a functional tap room every day. The big meat of the project should be done by the end of November and we should be brewing in December. Our plan is to do some soft opening activity in December and finally open in January (crossing our fingers, knocking on wood, etc). Feel free to reach out if you are also curious about opening a brewery and I’d be more than happy to go over the specifics for this process.

2. Construction – We locked down a GC in May-June, as it was a requirement for us to have an accurate bid from a GC for us to even get any money. That was a fun process as our architect thought that we wanted to spend millions on this project, so all of our bids were that. We sorted through and figured out the right fit, it kind of came our way out of nowhere to be honest. They’ve been a great partner to work with and understand our plan. As mentioned above, we started construction first week of October and continue to move closer and closer. The big meat of the project (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC) should be finished late November, which means we can brew at our own location!!

3. Beers – We plan to bring a variety of things similar to what we have brewed to this point:

Side Hustlin’ NEIPA – We won’t make this beer again, but similar ones will come!

Trustfund Baby Strawberry Milkshake IPA – Also won’t make this beer again, but plan to try and take on the style with more control on our end.

Shotty B Blonde Ale & Bad Grandmas Blonde Ale – We will have light options available throughout the year, these were a good change of pace for us. So expect to see these or others!

Yacht’n! NEIPA – This beer had great reception at Dallas Observer Brewfest and will definitely be back.

Faded Love NEIPA – Another Hazy boy, they pay the bills these days, so I assume we will have a couple on a monthly basis.

Return of The Stack French Toast Imperial Stout – This beast of an imperial stout tasted like liquid breakfast, it will definitely be back. This will go well with barrels.

4. The City – We kind of agreed to a lot of nice things that the city wanted with out any knowledge of what they cost. We needed our SUP for our MEP’s and couldn’t get a GC really without MEP’s, so we had no idea of what things would eventually end up costing. We definitely suggest just getting a good architect that understand the concept and your vision.

4. What is next?

We plan to go through with construction, which should be done in 5-8 weeks. After this is done, we will have to go through our certificate checks with the city. They should be fairly easy, but we will see. They were the biggest reason we chose NRH. They were excited to have multiple breweries in the city, we will be the 2nd of 3 upcoming. For those who read these, are subscribed to our email lists, or both. We plan to have you guys to a soft opening day TBD, but stay tuned!

Things have taken a turn for the better for us and we can’t wait to get this thing rolling! Get ready Wolf Pack!