The Big Day

We are excited to finally have beers in your fridges in less than 24 hours!

To those who ordered already and have seen our social media posts heading into the weekend are up to date and have probably let us know when and where they plan on picking up their beer. Some of you haven’t read or listened and probably showed up to Turning Point Friday thinking you could just waltz in and get your beer.

If you are interested in buying beer head to our online shop and check out what is available!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Here is how it is going to work once you make a purchase (all purchase will be through our website for the foreseeable future):

1. There will be no pick ups at our location in North Richland Hills.

2. We will be posted up in the parking lots of the following establishments with your preordered beer:

i. Turning Point Beer

ii. Craft & Growler

iii. Taps & Caps Lewisville

3. We will have your orders pulled, only if you let us know when/where before hand you are going to pick it up otherwise will have to make you wait an extra day. There is survey link we’ve posted and have in our IG bio for now, as well as here

Time and days available for this week at the designated locations are:

May 18th – Monday 5-7pm

May 19th – Tuesday 2-4pm

May 22nd – Friday 5-7pm

May 23rd – Saturday 12-3pm

4. We will be posted up on site & we should be easy to find. The locations can probably direct you to us if there is confusion though. If we are not there, all beers for the day have been picked up. Email, DM us, call, or comment on our social media for help if you need it. We want you to get your beer, so help us help you!

This has been a long time coming, we are so excited and we can’t for you all to try what we made for you guys, cheers Wolf Pack!