Finding a Location

September 20, 2018by FalseIdolBrewing

We’ve been working on looking at locations and narrowed our options down to the following cities:

Dallas, TX

Oak Cliff, TX

Grand Prairie, TX

North Richland Hills, TX

Euless, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Frisco, TX

Allen, TX

We toured the various cities and talked to as many city officials as possible to get a better idea of what they wanted, some didn’t even care if we came to their city. A few were very excited about our type of business being there. Our two big options were narrowed down to Grand Prairie & North Richland Hills. The biggest positive of both of these is that there aren’t currently breweries in either city. We are currently in the process of locking down a location in North Richland Hills now and hope to call it home very soon! Stay tuned everyone for more updates.